Shemini 5761

Tora - Torah

Parshat Shemini28 Nisan, 5761 April 21, 2001

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In our Parsha, we read about the death of two of Aaron’s sons. The Torah tells us that Aaron was quiet about it, and didn’t complain or question Hashem (103). Rashi comments that Aaron’s reward was that Hashem spoke to him directly. As the Lekach Tov explains, Rashi is telling us more then just about the reward. Aaron was not only quiet, but also never doubted Hashem’s decision to take them away.

In Japanese tradition, the white Gi is worn, the color of a shroud, so that as we enter battle (or symbolically the dance of death of Kata) we accept that death may follow. When we understand and embrace the possibility of death, we can live every moment of life joyfully. Learn from the great, enthusiastic renaissance of energy TaShih now has after his medical emergency just a few months ago!

Truly enter the battle against the demons of fear, pride, anger and ego… joy and freedom of fear are the rewards.

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