Behar- Bechukotai 5761

Tora - Torah

Parshat Behar-Bechukotai 26 Iyar, 5761 May 19, 2001

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Something New:

Im Bechukotai telechu… “If you walk in Hashem’s laws and observe the commandments and do them…”

Observing and doing the commandments should cover it all. What does it mean to “walk” in the decrees? Shlomo Ressler quotes Rav Nachum Zev, who explains that when a group of people is sitting, you can’t tell when one of those people can’t walk. It’s only when they get up and walk away that you can tell.

The same is true with Jews keeping the Torah. The way to really know at what level the person operates at is to watch them “walk” in the world. That’s when we see their true center.

True in stance we are weak or strong in transition. That’s the test. Standing or sitting still and “talking” a good show is no test of what we have internalized.

True in inner development Anyone can meditate on the top of a mountain. But how do they maintain their center in the middle of the stress and chaos of normal day-to-day life? That’s the real test.

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