Instructions For Twins/Triplets

For the baby’s comfort, here is a list of the items you will need. Please have all these items prepared when I arrive (30-45 minutes before the scheduled time) so that we can begin on time. If the Bris is not at your home, please be sure you are there 45 minutes before the Bris.

All items below that are in BOLD/UNDERLINE are those items that you must DOUBLE (or triple for triplets).

If you have triplet boys, triple the BOLD/UNDERLINE items accordingly.)

* A card table with a tablecloth or cover
* A Brown paper grocery bag (e.g., a Publix bag, or large paper shopping bag). You can put most of the following in the bag:
* A box of 20-25 Johnson and Johnson 3×3 sterile pads (J&J please!)
* A tube of betadine (or Povidone or Povidine-Iodine) ointment (not cream or liquid) (brown color / not with moisturizer or pain reliever, please)
* A tube of nupercainal ointment (not cream) Look for it in the hemorrhoid department.   
CVS’s own (CVS Hemorrhoidal & Topical Analgesic Ointment) is excellent.

* 2 cloth diapers (flat, not form-fitted… burping cloths)
* 2 disposable diapers (with velcro fasteners, preferably)
* 1 cotton (not wool) receiving blanket (no tassels or frills)
* A baby bottle with 5% glucose water (or ‘pedialite’) …preferably non-colored
* A pacifier

* Baby Wipes
* A bottle of red Kosher sweet grape wine (e.g., Manishewitz or Mogen David); NOT cherry or berry wine.
* A Kiddush cup with a small plate underneath it
* Candles and candle-stick holders. How many? 1 for each “nuclear” family member including the new baby: i.e. 2 candles for the 2 parents PLUS one for each child in the family. e.g., 1st child? That means a total 3 candles; 2nd child? That means a total of 4 candles). The candle-stick holders needn’t match. Shabbat candles or fancier, if you like.
* 2 firm bedroom pillows (standard length, not king)

If you don’t feel like shopping around, here’s an easy solution. Just call 1-877-Bris Bag (274-7224) and tell them Michael Andron is your Mohel.

Be sure to tell them this is for twins so they double the items in BOLD/UNDERLINE.

They’ll package most of it and send it to you in plenty of time for the Bris. You will still need to have the card table with cover, the wine and kiddush cup, the candles, 2 firm bedroom pillows, and the brown paper bag!