Teruma 5761

Tora - Torah

Parshat Teruma 8 Adar, 5761 March 3, 2001

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Something New:

Why did Hashem want gold things in the Mishkan and Temple? Surely He doesn’t care about such things! Since human beings DO care about such things, giving those would create a generous flow in the spirit of the people. This was what Hashem sought. (Insights in the Torah by R.Z.Sorotzkin)

Similarly, in Tora Dojo, learning to direct energy outward from a centered place for purposes of self-defense creates a pattern. That same energy is what is used in the process of therapeutic massage and healing others. The best training for a healer is a system that teaches to be grounded and to direct energy outwardly with disciplined spiritual imagination (kavanah).

The key is to learn to be centered and to develop a heart inclined to help others when possible.

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