Bo 5761

Tora - Torah

Parshat Vaera 10 Shevat, 5761 February 3, 2001

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Particularly this week, with the New Year for trees, I recommend last year’s Tora-Torah on the subject of roots!

Rabbi Shlomo Ressler brings the following question and answer in his weekly Dvar Torah Why should Moshe bother asking Pharaoh to free the Jews if He had already hardened Pharaoh’s heart? The Lekach Tov brings a nice example to answer this question If two people are standing, and one is really blind, while the other is simply blindfolded. They both can’t see, but only one is blind. The same could be explained of Pharaoh. Although Hashem put a blindfold on him, he still wasn’t blind! He always had it in his power to take off the blindfolds, just as we have the power to remove our blindfolds from whatever’s holding us back from doing what we know we should! And that’s why Moshe still had to go to Pharaoh. Hashem is telling Moshe and all of us that although doing certain things can seem impossible, it is our job to see the bigger picture. It’s our responsibility to realize that although we don’t always do the right thing, we always CAN, if we just take off the blindfolds that are hardening our hearts.

In Tora Dojo, we often forget to remove the blinders (the veils) of fear and anger and laziness and arrogance that prevent us from seeing the lifelong value of day-to-day practice.

Seeing the big picture also serves to reinforce all the long-term Tora Dojo benefits such as health, strength, safety and a life-long walk along the inner path of Judaism.

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