Energy Healing

Forge a deeper connection to the healing energy within you.
Each of us has energy fields within and around us, energy we can draw upon to ease suffering or pain and even prevent disease. The Essential Guide to Energy Healing takes an in-depth look at correcting energy imbalances and shows you how to tap into your energy force for yourself or another person.

This unique guide explores different approaches to energy diagnosis and healing, including Reiki and Therapeutic Touch, massage, acupuncture, crystals and stones, hypnosis, Ayurvedic medicine, remote healing, and many others. Expert author Dr. Michael Andron shares the skills you need to enhance your energy healing ability by balancing your energy matrix and triggering your body’s self-healing systems. You learn how to be more sensitive to the energy fields around you to enhance your healing experience, whether giving or receiving, and personal case studies illuminate others’ experiences with the power of energy medicine.

The Essential Guide to Energy Healing helps you focus on and utilize the healing energy within and around you to restore yourself or another to health and well-being.

“The EnerGenesis Protocol was developed by Michael Andron, PhD, an educator, to simplify some of the most powerful of these tools and to make them easily accessible to anyone. His expertise as a Yoga Adept, a Grand Master of Chinese Martial Arts and Healing Arts, and a trained hypnotherapist and acupressurist, has been invaluable in developing the program. His expertise in Qi Gong, or energy discipline, which I have tested in the laboratory, has led him to the important conclusion of treating the energy paradigm as reality and not as a metaphor. This paradigm ‘shift’ changes each of the components of his program and how it is used… I have recommended hundreds of health professionals and lay healers (of all disciplines) to Dr. Andron and his energy-healing program. It is unique in its simplicity and effectiveness. The sum of my own research into EnerGenesis convinces me that its results are consistent, reproducible and supported by principles of bio-physics. Most important, thanks to Dr. Andron’s unique training approach, The EnerGenesis Protocol is TEACHABLE.” Dr. Andrija Puharich, M.D., Ph.D. (1919-1995) World renowned researcher of natural healing systems

Introduction to Energy Healing

(Excerpted from The Essential Guide to Energy Healing by Michael Andron and Ben Andron)

Throughout history, there have been energy healers: individuals with the ability to help the sick eliminate disease or jump-start a self-healing mechanism to help them on the road to health and wellness.

In time, many of these naturally gifted healers organized their techniques into whole systems of natural healing. These systems were as diverse as the individuals and cultures that spawned them, but they all agreed on one thing: energy healing was all made possible through some kind of nonphysical medium. The healer was somehow able to tap into an unseen energy source and channel a healing message to another person.
Different cultures tried to explain these “healings” in many ways. As different philosophies and religions developed, their early practitioners provided maps as to how the world was set up and how healing could fit into their paradigm or worldview. With these maps, these systems evolved into very thorough programs for health and wellness.

Of course, the actual language and models vary according to the particular culture, but if you looked at the essence of the models side by side, you’d see that there are amazing similarities from one to the other, almost as if they’re all using different words and images to describe the same phenomena.
In some cultures, these individuals and systems faded into the background as science developed a greater understanding of how the body works. Yet in other cultures, the ancient and modern systems still work side by side in a complementary fashion.
Today, science has evolved to the point where some of the ancient attempts to explain these phenomena might be better understood and more freely utilized, if we could just open our minds to the possibilities.
The first thing to realize is that the word “energy” is not a metaphor. The energy that facilitates healing is real, even if we don’t fully understand it yet. I’ll present a working hypothesis in this book. While it’s certainly not the final word on how it works or the “science behind it all,” keep in mind that the word “science” comes from a Latin root meaning “to know.” We’re just at the beginning of understanding that knowledge about energy healing, a phenomenon that has worked for centuries.

You, the Reader

Some of you may be new to the subject of energy healing, and this stuff might be a little foreign to you. Please know there is nothing wrong with being skeptical—as long as you are an open-minded skeptic. When you watch a movie, for example, you have to suspend your disbelief. You ignore the fact that some of what you’re watching doesn’t exist in our day-to-day reality, but you go along with it to get the essence of the story. In the case of energy healing, just because some of this can’t be fully explained with modern science (yet), come along for the ride and see what happens!

If you have experience with a particular modality of energy healing, you may have an easier time with some of the broader concepts in this book. I would ask you, however, to suspend your disbelief as well. It’s difficult to look at all the different systems and not get caught up in which one is better, or right, or how this explanation isn’t exactly the way your teacher taught you—it’s perfectly normal and happens to everyone.

When I think of how an exploration of energy healing should be, I picture a mountaintop, where all the masters and originators of major religions, philosophies, and systems of meditation and healing are all happily sipping tea and discussing with each other how wondrous it is that there are so many diverse ways of perfecting the world. A garden of so many different colors of flowers, if you will! The dark side of this vision is down at the base of the mountain, where all of their followers are fighting, arguing, and even killing each other over whose system is right, and best, and why all the others are wrong, or not as advanced as theirs is.
Let’s all try to explore the world of energy healing together, from the top of that mountain.

About the Authors:

Dr. Michael Andron (Miami) is founder and director of KODESH: A Fellowship for Seekers of Wholeness, a non-profit organization devoted to personal growth, mind-body effectiveness training, and inner awareness. Recognized as a leader in the human potential movement, Dr. Andron is a 1st Level Grandmaster and 7th Degree Black Belt of Hu Pai — T’ai Ch’i Ch’uan and Tora Dojo Martial Arts and is a Yoga Adept with over 40 years of teaching experience. He is the originator of EnerGenesis, a system of energy self-healing and stress management. He has served as adjunct faculty in the departments of psychology and medicine at Wake Forest University.

Ben Andron (Los Angeles) has been a lifelong student and teacher of internal and external Martial Arts, as well as a writer/producer in the field of motion-picture creative advertising where he has been heavily involved in the releases of numerous blockbuster films including Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Kung Fu Panda2. He has also written for TV and the stage. His first play “White’s Lies” opened off-Broadway in 2010.