V’etchanan 5761

Tora - Torah

Parshat V’etchanan 15 Av, 5761 August 4, 2001

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Something New:

This week I need a visual aid to help me with my Tora-Torah. It’s the circle with a  flame in it that you saw as you entered the website and is now flickering to your left in the index portion of the page. Look at it for a moment and then continue reading.

Last year on the Tora-Torah for this Parsha, I focused on the word “Sh’ma”. The word Sh’ma is the first word of the 6-word prayer…  which is in this Parsha… that all Jews are expected to say/meditate each morning and night) and the meditation/inner-guidance it provides for becoming a Godwrestler. This year, I’d like to focus on the last word of the Sh’ma: Echad. Its three letters – particularly the “aleph” – provide another meditation for reaching a deeper place within.

The word Echad is made up of three letters alephchet and dalet. Traditionally, Dalet represents a door (delet) and chet represents a gate. We can imagine that the key to entering through the gate to reach the door to encounter the infinite is going to begin with the letter aleph.

The aleph, as we view it written in the Torah script, is made up of two letter yods that each touches a diagonal vav. The vav serves to both separate and to join the two together. The yod above represents the divine energies that are the building blocks of our world (the sefirot) and the yod beneath represents the “receivers” and “distribution centers” for those energies that can be found within each of us.

In other words, we are each an aleph, an energy being with a structure (made of the lower yod and the vav together) and we are “powered” by the influx of divine light from Hashem (the upperyod). But this touching-upper-yod can be accessed more deeply through deep meditative work. The question is, “How do we reach this deeper level of energy potential and become who we truly are?”

The goal is to bring the outer/upper yod within our human energy matrix. It will then become, if you will, a seed within the womb that will blossom as we grow and evolve spiritually. It will bring usthrough the gate (the chet) and to the doorway (the dalet). The key is to fully actualize the aleph by bringing the upper yod inside us. This “final”, completed aleph is represented by the symbol you see when you enter the Kodesh website and on the index at the left.

Through proper, grounded, meditation, it is possible to fully activate the 10 receivers/chakras (that’s right, not seven but ten!) of the lower yod to bring the light of the upper yod within us. This is a long and disciplined path to take. No doubt Hashem will provide a peek/peak experience glimpse though the door from time to time to keep us moving enthusiastically along the path. Moreover, this work must be done with a teacher experienced in this method.

Your Tora Dojo training is the perfect preparation and grounding for this life’s endeavor. Keep working out… and keep working in too.

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