Vayelech 5762

Tora - Torah

Parshat Vayelech 5 Tishrei, 5762 September 22, 2001

Something Old:
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Something New:

It’s Shabbat Shuvah. It’s a time during the ten days from Rosh Hashanah through Yom Kippur to “do” T’shuva. As we discussed last week, that means knowing where you are and turning to some new path that you determine is a better way. It’s a way for your soul to manifest itself differently in this world. That implies fixing mistakes, doing things you didn’t do before but really should have and acting differently based on a new paradigm, a new direction in life. All of this is not easy. It takes work!

But it’s Shabbat! We can’t work on Shabbat. So what is Shabbat Shuvah? A time of not-doing set aside for doing?

There is an inner T’shuva that we can do. L’hashiv rukho b’vichinat bitul ( to return our spirit, through the challenge of a state of selflessness and meditative stillness) u’mesirat nefesh el ha’Elokim asher n’tana (and to give over one’s soul to Hashem, it’s source).

In a state of centeredness (see last week’s Tora-Torah), we are ready to go; to walk the path, the way, the Tao, and to perfect it along our journey. We were nitzavim; now we proceed: va’yelech.

Here is a Shabbat Shuvah meditation that’s good for any Shabbat.

Take the first two letters of Shabbat. Shayv. Sit down. Think about all the resolutions for change you made in the past but on which you never followed through. Be still and go deeper into yourself and examine whether it was laziness, arrogance, ego, or fear that was the source of our lack of follow-through.

Take the last two letters of Shabbat. Bat. Daughter. This feminine archetype is the yin side of us. Be still (be receptive, be yin) and listen to your higher voice and be open… receive an answer from your higher, deeper self… an answer that brings you closer to self-knowledge and honest self-examination.

Take the word Shabbat and reverse the letters. It becomes boshet or embarrassment. Not embarrassment before others but humbleness of spirit before Hashem for the choices you made to limit your ability to change in the past.

Take the word Shabbat. Know that at this moment, Hashem is broadcasting a Shabbat energy transmission and all you have to do is be still, be small and receive it! Know that this infusion of Shabbat energy will provide all the spiritual power you need to follow through on the changes in your life you wish. Feel a Shabbat light-energy circulate through every channel of life within you both physical and non-physical. Thank Hashem for providing you with this vessel for receiving divine energy and for keeping it working. (Read the “asher yatzar” prayer (Artscroll page 14… yes, that‘s the bathroom prayer) with a new understanding.

As Shabbat draws to a close, prepare to act on your plans for change with a new vitality and Ko’ach-Ru’ach-Qi.

Shana Tova Tay’chatevu V’techatemu.

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