Vayishlach 5761

Tora - Torah

Parshat Vayishalch 19 Kislev, 5761 December 16, 2000

Something Old:
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This is one of the major Tora-Torah’s of the year. It’s worth a second look.
Something New:

Since last year’s Tora-Torah is so thorough… and a little long… let me state simply a two-word credo of the Jewish peaceful warrior (the Yisrael) that I once heard my teacher use

Fight peacefully.

What does that mean? It means to confront the day-to day “veils” of life with an inner sense of tranquility. It means to deal with the outer and inner “demons” of life from a centered place of silence. It means in the middle of a chaotic week to take the time each day in T’filla, meditation and working out to live within an aura of Shabbat.

It’s not easy. Who said it was?

It’s worth the struggle.

Fight peacefully. Shabbat Shalom.

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