No’ach 5761

Tora - Torah

Parshat No’ach 6 Cheshvan, 5761 November 4, 2000

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No’ach had three sons, Shem, Cham and Yaphet. Although they had some problems, they were the next generation that Hashem wanted to use to rebuild the world. Their problem, perhaps, was that they each had a powerful quality that ruled their lives. Cham (which means heat) had passion. Yaphet (which means beauty) had a sense of aesthetic beauty. Shem (which means name) had an inner, abstract sense of the names of things (just as Adam did). Perhaps the world would have worked out a little better if they each learned and assimilated some of these strengths of the others.

After all, Hashem put them in the ark, the teva. I have heard that Rabbi Shlomo Riskin explains that any and every word (also the word Teva in Hebrew) requires at least two root letters working together. The people of No’ach’s time were selfish and self-centered, so G-d told Noach to build a Teva (an ark), which is the ultimate symbolism for unity.

When we practice forms in the martial arts, we want them to be beautiful; we want them to move with the power and passion of the intent we have in our minds and hearts. But we must not forget who we are and the deeper purpose our martial arts practice has on our inner dimension. That part of us, our souls, our destiny, our “names”, create the balance and meaning behind all that we do.

We need to balance all three. Just when we thought it was safe to go back into the water… No’ach’s family teaches us to find unity within ourselves and the world.

Let’s all pray for peace.

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