Sh’lach 5761

Tora - Torah

Parshat Sh’lach 25 Sivan, 5761 June 16, 2001

Something Old:
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Something New:

R’ Shlomo Ressler writes (my edited version) Parshat Sh’lach contains the famous story of the spies who are sent to check out Canaan, which would later become Israel. The decision to send the twelve spies, however, was made by the people, as Hashem had previously assured the Jews that He would take care of everything. But they insisted on seeing for themselves. What was their sin that caused a punishment of 39 years in the desert?

The answer lies in their very first mistake… they wanted to see the land through THEIR eyes, and that’s what they got to see. Seeing things without Hashem’s perspective can make even positive things look bad, even if you’re a tribe leader that people depend on and look up to, even if you’ve witnessed countless miracles in your life, and even if G-d just told you that He’s on your side!

In Tora Dojo (and all good martial arts), seeing “the big picture” is what Sifu’s try to help the students do. Don’t just see the belt. Don’t just see winning the match. Don’t just see the number of boards. Don’t just see the endless hours of intense practice. See the big picture — We get in trouble when our worldview is narrow. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Yes, you’ve heard it before when pointing at the moon, don’t confuse the finger (the small stuff that gets you there) with the moon (the big-picture reason for all the work). Remember the “way of the peaceful warrior” (see the Kodesh web site for Tora Torah on last year’s Shavuot http// and keep your perspective broad and clear.

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