Korach 5761

Tora - Torah

Parshat Korach 2 Tamuz, 5761 June 23, 2001

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Rabbi Menachem Raab teaches We read that Korach rebelled against the leadership of Moshe and gathered about him many of the Bnei Yisrael. He is criticized for separating himself from the rest of the people. In last week’s Sidra we read that Calev and Yehoshua separated themselves from the bad report of the rest of the spies that Moshe sent to Israel and gave a favorable report. They are praised for this action. Why the difference?

When Korach rebelled the Torah says simply VAYIKACH KORAH, “And Korach took…” It does not say what he took. Later in the reading we see he was interested only in his own glory. He wanted to be the leader of the people. He managed to gather people around him based on arguments that he made to seem he was fighting for ideals. His one goal, however, was his personal interest. Caleb and Yehoshua stood aside from their colleagues for a cause. They wanted to encourage the tribes to continue on their way to Israel.

That is the difference. If you fight for an ideal, for a cause, for justice, you must not be afraid to stand alone. If you are only concerned about your own interests then you are wrong even if you try to convince others that you are fighting for a cause. If you know you are right, do not be afraid to speak up, but be sure your motives are honest and it isn’t your own glory with what you are concerned.

Motives are important. Why do you practice Tora Dojo? Is it an ego motive to show what you know or to brag about the belt you got? Is it for mastering the instrument of connecting to Hashem? Is it to be the karate master… or to be a mentch and a Godwrestler?

These are the questions to ask. This is the reason to cultivate the creative power of silence… to quiet the surface of the pool of the mind so that the truth can rise calmly to the surface.

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