Chukat 5761

Tora - Torah

Parshat Chukat 9 Tamuz, 5761 June 30, 2001

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Rabbi Menachem Raab points out in his Dvar Torah for Parshat Chukat that Shlomo Hamelech (King Solomon), the wisest of all men could not find a reason for the Mitzvah of Parah Adumah(The Red Heifer). The implication is clear. There are certain things in life that we cannot understand nor can we give them a reason. The Rambam tells us that we must try to find the reasons for the Mitzvot. However, that does not mean that if we do not understand them that we are not obligated to keep them. …We must try to decipher the mysteries but we must also keep in mind that although we are constantly discovering new explanations for things that are happening around us, we must realize that Hashem runs the universe and He understands what He is doing.

In the Rambam’s spirit of seeking reasons for Mitzvot in general (and for the Red Heifer in particular), let me pass along an idea or two to think about. We Martial Artists look at the world differently than most people we see it through an energy paradigm or worldview. Everything is energy (Qi or Ohr Ain Sof, if you wish) and it exists on many dimensions and with many different frequencies.

In this quantum energy universe, we know that every living thing has a “discreet frequency” all its own. It’s called its “nuclear magnetic resonance”. It’s an energy signature that it has that is different from any other living thing. Every herb in Chinese medicine, for example has just such a unique energy signature. So do homeopathic remedies.

Our personal energy fields also have a “nuclear magnetic resonance” that is unique to us and different from any other person.

When we are ill, our energy signature is altered just as our handwritten signature would alter if we injured the hand that wrote it.

Imagine if we had the technology to “read” this energy signature (both when we are healthy or sick) and thereby know which herb (with it’s specific frequency) or which combination of herbs (with their unique frequencies) could put our energy fields back in balance!

This is precisely what energy healers do. Qi Gong, in (or through) the hands of a Master can ‘read’ the imbalances of energy within the body and apply the right frequency of healing energy by altering the energy output of his/her mind. Most important, while doing this, the Master Healer must know how to facilitate this healing action without taking on himself any of the “sick” energy from the patient. That is a real risk!

Is it such a stretch to imagine that a Red Heifer has a unique frequency that may be applicable for healing, especially when the Kohen boosts its “signal”? Is it such a stretch to imagine that the process of doing that might leave an energy residue on the Kohen that needs to be cleansed or “rooted” out?

It makes you wonder.

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